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Betta Hair…

No, I’m not trying to say “better hair” in Kriol, I’m talking about betta the fish!


A few months ago, someone (who shall remain nameless) got me addicted to Pinterest. I kept seeing pins of these people with all different coloured hair. There were streaks, dip-dyes, “ombre” hair, my mind was blown. AND, they were quite normal-looking people, not punks or freaks or goths (no offense), and it looked SOOOO GOOD. I HAD TO HAVE IT!!

But, damn! I forgot….I live in Belize….can’t just go out an buy these things. Ugh!!! In the meantime, I googled, pinned, youtubed everything about how to do this craziness to my hair. Yes, I was gonna do it myself because, 1. I’m cheap!! and 2. I don’t trust other people with my hair. So, a few weeks later, I went to Chetumal (Mexico), the closest piece of civilization, 2 hours drive away, with the closest mall, the closest McDonald’s, the closest Walmart, the closest Sally Beauty Supply, you get the picture. I was able to procure all of my ingredients and tools for my crazy undertaking.


I got this bleaching kit,and I got some Manic Panic colours: Atomic Turquoise, Hot Hot Pink, and I got After Midnight Blue later on.

So I did the bleaching kit to the ends of my hair. Oh, I forgot to mention, I have not dyed or highlighted or anything to my hair since 2003 (i think)…yeah let’s not talk about that…


And it was HORRIBLE!!! I’m telling you, the ugliest, trashy-looking brass colour was lurking under my dark Chiney brown hair. Nope, I didn’t get the toner…from that store…2 hours away…in another country…damn!



Anyway, I had to tell myself, keep going, “the end will justify the means” and “too late now anyway” and “ANYTHING will look better than that!!!” and “it’s just the ends, you can cut it off”.

So, I used the Atomic Turquoise with some Hot Hot Pink blended into the tips to make a purplish shade. And Hallelujah!!! I LOVE IT!!!!


Most people’s reactions are “Is that permanent!?!??!” and “Is that your REAL hair?!?!?!”

My husband’s reaction: “I have to stop leaving you unattended upstairs”

My sister’s reaction: “It looks like Bitch Billy!!” which was her betta fish (aka Siamese Fighting Fish) about 15 years ago. Don’t ask me how he got that name…(RIP Bitch Billy)


And last pic, a “fishtail” braid of course!!


Let’s hope this doesn’t make me want to fight if I see other Bettas around!!