Rice and Jeans

food, fashion, and life in Belize

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Happy Birthday Belize!

I have been a bad blog mother! Neglecting u for months, I’m sorry😞. Last night someone came up to me and said she reads my blog and follows me! OMG I was so flattered!! 😍😍😍 and she inspired me to stop being lazy and come post my Independence Manicure 2014.

So here it is, my deconstructed Belize flag manicure.


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Happy 33rd Belize!! Bring on the fireworks tonight!


1st Post Ever

Living in Belize has many challenges.  First, it’s hot.  Second, the streets have more craters than the moon.  Third, there are NO MALLS.  Fourth, you have go through about 10 recipes on Pinterest just to find one that you can get all the ingredients.  I could go on and on about the everyday annoyances and frustrations of living in the third world (*ahem*, not knowing if you’re going to find sour cream at the grocery store).  However, I’d like to share on this blog, my miniscule victories over these everyday inconveniences.  If you live in Belize, and life hands you lemons, REJOICE!!! and say “Where did you get these!?!?!?”