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The rainbow nails from the last post were for…….

My Little Pony Costume!! Although you couldn’t really see my nails, I knew they were there!

I have fond memories of playing with My Little Ponies as a child: Lining them up for a pony parade, taking them in the bath tub, smelling their lovely pony scent, and crying when the dog chewed off piece of Apple Jack’s hoof.  I also have not so fond memories of being called “Pony Legs”, thank you very much, we won’t get into that story.  But I decided to own up to my pony legs name and become Rainbow Dash for Halloween.  I recycled my sister’s “Smurfette” blue body stocking from a few years ago.  I got a rainbow wig and rainbow feather boa for my mane and tail, and I used less than 1 yard of faux fur to make my hooves, skirt, and ears.  I did a version of “cartoon ” eye makeup by painting white under my eyes to look like pony eyes, then I attached fake lashes under the fake white section.

I had these old (CHEAP) boots that I had gotten probably 5 years ago to be a pirate.  They were pleather, aka “vegan leather” as they say nowadays, and they were peeling slightly.  If you look closely, you’ll see the zip is letting go near the top. I was surprised that they were still wearable.   I hot-glued the fake fur around the bottom, and then I tucked it into the tops of the boot.


Then I just folded some triangles and hot glued them together for my ears. I pinned them on with bobby pins.

The hoof hearts and butt rainbow were made out of those foamie sheets that kids use for art.


It’s hard for ponies to hold bottles!


Here I am with Poca-haunt-as and Toy Soldier.  We were dancing, I was galloping and doing the pony dance all night, but once in a while I would feel a weird feeling in my hoof.  But I didn’t discover was it was until I got home….


My hoof was “Begging for Bread” the whole night!!! Or should I say “Begging for Hay”?

The only thing that kept it on was all the hot glue on fake fur.


RIP pirate boots…you aren’t worth fixing because you are too far gone with your peeling and busted zip… AND I got an awesome NEW pair of boots that I will post soon!!

Happy Halloween everyone! Gallop safely!

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Spicy Witch’s Fingers

Try this deliciously disgusting recipe for Halloween: Spicy Witch’s Fingers

I kept seeing this recipe around the web, but it was always for the sweet cookie version.  Finally, I found one for some savory fingers.


Here’s my version:

In a food processor, chop up:

1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese

6 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened

1 teaspoon salt

1  teaspoon cayenne pepper (you can reduce this if you don’t like it too spicy)

1 cup flour


Then turn it out onto the cutting board and form a dough ball, it will be quite soft.


Then take small pieces of the dough, and roll it, like if you were rolling play-dough snakes in kindergarten.
After you get the snake shape, squeeze it in your hand to get the “knuckles” imprinted on the snake.


Get a small amount of ketchup and some almond slices.


Dip the almonds into the ketchup, and then push them into the end of the fingers to make the nails with bloody cuticles.


Take a small knife and make three lines on each knuckle for the wrinkles


Now, you need to put them in the freezer for a few minutes so that they firm up.  Otherwise they will spread out too much and you will get the wicked Witch of the West’s fingers (after she got mashed by the house).  In the meantime, preheat the oven to 350.

Before you put the fingers in the oven, mix an egg yolk with 1 tbsp of water, and lightly brush it on them.


Bake for 20-25 minutes.  They will puff up slightly, and the ketchup will turn to dried blood colour.  If you’re lucky, some nails will get brown edges.


Now serve them with some spooky dip, and see who’s brave enough to eat one!


You could also serve “finger sandwiches”


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Zombie Nails


Cue Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video, the 14 minute one.  That’s how long it will take to do these nails.  They are so easy because it doesn’t have to be neat or perfect.  (in zombie voice) “ZOMBIE… NO. CARE.. BOUT. CUTICLE… ONLY… WANT. BRAINS!”

First I used this creepy shade of purplish reddish brownish nail polish and painted all around the edge of the nail.  It’s Finger Paints “Shades of Dark”


Then I used the red nail art polish to add some blood to the cuticle and sides


Then, China Glaze “Electric Pineapple” on top, but make sure to leave the edges showing.  Remember, be messy! Electric Pineapple is a great zombie puke yellowish greenish shade.


Then for some dirt, sponge on some brownish moldy colours, around the edges mostly, you know, from digging out of coffins and such.  I used Sinful Colors “Nirvana” and Nina Ultra Pro “Mossy Britches” (how appropriate)


Then use the black nail art polish to make random cracks and broken edges.


Add a bit more blood where necessary. Then top coat.




Escaping from the coffin:


Going to the Monster’s Ball:


Time for dinner: