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Heart Inside a Bundt Cake

This is the cutest, awesome-est, bundt cake I have ever made!  I saw the idea and method on Pinterest, but it was for hearts inside cupcakes.  It’s basically the same method that I used to get the heart inside this bundt.


I used Ina Garten’s (aka Barefoot Contessa) recipe for Plain Pound Cake, which was VERY delicious by the way.


Mix up the batter, then separate about 1/3 of the batter in a another bowl and add red food colouring.


Then bake the red batter in a square or rectangle pan, until the toothpick test comes out clean.


Then take it out and let it cool (which could mean, place it under a blasting fan, and get impatient that it’s not cooling fast enough, so throw it in the freezer on top of the ice cube bin.)


Then use a cookie cutter to cut out as many hearts as possible.  Of course, eat the scraps.


Put about half of the left over batter in the bottom of the bundt pan.


Then arrange the hearts UPSIDE DOWN in the batter.  This is very important that you place them upside down, because the bundt cake will get flipped over when it’s done.  Try to put them at close as possible and try not to let them touch the edges of the pan.


Cover them with the rest of the batter, then SLAM the pan several times on the counter to get the air bubble out and make sure the batter goes all around the hearts.


Let it cool and flip out the cake.


Make the glaze, I used this one.


Drizzle on the cake.


Decorate however you want.


Then tell everyone there’s a surprise in the cake…they will all think it’s a plastic baby.

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Heart Manicure

♪♫Lookin’ back on the things I’ve done,
I was trying to be someone,
I played my part and kept you in the dark,
Now let me show you the shape of my heart♥…♫♪


Did I just reveal my age by quoting a Backstreet Boys song?

Well this manicure literally changed the shape of my heart…uh, nail.


I usually keep my nails square….


So, I got to filing, which was not very efficient since my nails are very thick, kind of like sweeping the floor with a toothbrush.   I ended up clipping the sides and then just smoothing the edges with the file.  You want to file them into a rounded point.


I don’t know, I kinda sorta like it in a weird way…


Paint the base coat, and whatever light pink colour you have for French manicure.  Then I used China Glaze “Hey Sailor” to roughly paint the edge.


Then you make a “V” in the middle and then round it out into the 2 humps at the top of the heart.


Make sure you paint the nail edges.  Add a top coat and done!


“WHOOOOOO’S your Valentine?”