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Rainbow nails

Here’s a quick little tutorial, which is also a hint to my Halloween costume. I’m wearing it tonight, so stay tuned for it in the next post.

Start with a base of China Glaze “For Audrey”
Then hold your fingers so that your nails are in as straight a line as possible, and use China Glaze “Pool Party” to make the top of a rainbow across all four nails. “Pool Party” is a neon so I thought it worked well with the subdued blue of “For Audrey” to bring a nostalgic vibe.

Now use China Glaze “Lemon Fizz” to make another stripe underneath but overlapping half of the width of the nail polish brush.

Now a stripe of Love & Beauty purple, overlapping again.

Now finally, use a thin nail art striper in green over the bottom half of the purple.

I know, I know, this rainbow is so NOT ROYGBIV, but I only had the green in thin brush size so this non natural colour order will have to do.

Add some fluffy little clouds (Bob Ross voice), and a heart on the thumb. I promise it will all make sense when you see my costume, if you haven’t figured it out already!

Can you guess my costume?



The minty nails ended up lasting all week, I was quite impressed. But after 5 days and a Saturday morning of cleaning the house, the tips began to chip off. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t keep myself from picking at the nail polish once it starts to peel. That little lifted edge is just irresistible!
The glittery rhinestone nail was still going strong though. We all know how hard it is to take off glitter polish, that thing is like cement! So, I decided to just change the other nails to a different colour, since I was not in the mood for a glitter battle.

So I decided on a light pinkish lavendery shade. It was the Forever 21 brand, Love and Beauty “lavender”.

I also added a fresh topcoat to the old glitter and stones.

Which one do you like better?


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After Dinner Mint-icure

September celebrations are over, but it doesn’t quite feel like fall yet. Oh wait, it never will, the choices for seasons in Belize: “wet” or “dry”.  Well, I decided to squeeze in one more “summery” manicure, before I get all excited for Halloween manicures! I’ve been having an obsession with the colour “mint” lately.


So I had to go with mint for my theme, but not just any mint,


After Dinner Mints!

aka Minty Moos (so named by my grandmother).  I have also named my Mint robot floor cleaner “Minty Moo”.  He’s just so amazing.  I think he’s almost alive (after watching Wall-E), and he deserved a name for all the dog hair and dead spiders he picks up.

OK, back to the subject.

Always base coat first! I don’t like to show this step because my nails are grossly stained from never-ending nail polishings.  Base coats claim to prevent staining, but I have yet to find one that does.  I use it mainly for adhesion of the nail polish, to make it last as long as possible.

Then 2 coats of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in “Mint Sorbet”


Then accent nail of Sally Hansen Gem Crush in “Big Money”, which is a pale (maybe 10K shade) gold glitter with bigger lavender flecks in it. 2 coats.


Then I used these different sized nail art rhinestones that come in a wheel, and these crystal stickers that I think are really meant for scrap-booking. They come on a clear glue-like sticker, so just dig them off of the glue backing to use them. (not the jumbo sized ones obviously)


While the glitter polish is still wet, place the stones randomly on the accent nail. I used different sizes of light pink, light green, baby blue, and lavender.


Top coat of Seche Vite


Mint anyone?




September Celebration Nails

September is the month of celebration in Belize. We have the Battle of St. George’s Caye Day on the 10th, Carnival, and Independence Day on the 21st. So of course this calls for a patriotic manicure! And what could be more patriotic than the flag?


First, google the coat of arms. Find one that does not depict the controversial “yellow” man, but one that depicts a more naturally hued logwood cutter.


Copy and paste it into Word and print them off in a couple sizes.
Decide which size would fit best on your nail, and carefully cut them out with a small border of white on the edges.


Using something with a rounded end, (I used this cuticle cutter) carefully burnish the circle into a contact lens-like shape so that it will sit nicely on the curve of the nail.


Paint nails with base coat first, then 2 coats of a bright royal blue. I used China Glaze “Frostbite”


Then while the polish is still tacky, carefully place the paper circle where you want it


Next add a stripe of red at the bottom as if you were doing a French tip. I used China Glaze “Hey Sailor”


Finally, add a top coat of Seche Vite.




Don’t forget the tootsies…