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Happy Birthday Belize!

I have been a bad blog mother! Neglecting u for months, I’m sorry😞. Last night someone came up to me and said she reads my blog and follows me! OMG I was so flattered!! 😍😍😍 and she inspired me to stop being lazy and come post my Independence Manicure 2014.

So here it is, my deconstructed Belize flag manicure.


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Happy 33rd Belize!! Bring on the fireworks tonight!

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Candy Cane Nails


So, the world didn’t end today.  Phew! Good thing too, because that would have been a waste of my candy cane nails.


I used China Glaze “Ruby Pumps” for the base, with a white striper to make the stripes.

The ring finger is China Glaze “White on White” with “Tree Hugger” for the tree covered in emerald green glitter dust and hex glitters for the star and ornaments.


Rainbow nails

Here’s a quick little tutorial, which is also a hint to my Halloween costume. I’m wearing it tonight, so stay tuned for it in the next post.

Start with a base of China Glaze “For Audrey”
Then hold your fingers so that your nails are in as straight a line as possible, and use China Glaze “Pool Party” to make the top of a rainbow across all four nails. “Pool Party” is a neon so I thought it worked well with the subdued blue of “For Audrey” to bring a nostalgic vibe.

Now use China Glaze “Lemon Fizz” to make another stripe underneath but overlapping half of the width of the nail polish brush.

Now a stripe of Love & Beauty purple, overlapping again.

Now finally, use a thin nail art striper in green over the bottom half of the purple.

I know, I know, this rainbow is so NOT ROYGBIV, but I only had the green in thin brush size so this non natural colour order will have to do.

Add some fluffy little clouds (Bob Ross voice), and a heart on the thumb. I promise it will all make sense when you see my costume, if you haven’t figured it out already!

Can you guess my costume?

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Zombie Nails


Cue Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video, the 14 minute one.  That’s how long it will take to do these nails.  They are so easy because it doesn’t have to be neat or perfect.  (in zombie voice) “ZOMBIE… NO. CARE.. BOUT. CUTICLE… ONLY… WANT. BRAINS!”

First I used this creepy shade of purplish reddish brownish nail polish and painted all around the edge of the nail.  It’s Finger Paints “Shades of Dark”


Then I used the red nail art polish to add some blood to the cuticle and sides


Then, China Glaze “Electric Pineapple” on top, but make sure to leave the edges showing.  Remember, be messy! Electric Pineapple is a great zombie puke yellowish greenish shade.


Then for some dirt, sponge on some brownish moldy colours, around the edges mostly, you know, from digging out of coffins and such.  I used Sinful Colors “Nirvana” and Nina Ultra Pro “Mossy Britches” (how appropriate)


Then use the black nail art polish to make random cracks and broken edges.


Add a bit more blood where necessary. Then top coat.




Escaping from the coffin:


Going to the Monster’s Ball:


Time for dinner: