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Rainbow nails

Here’s a quick little tutorial, which is also a hint to my Halloween costume. I’m wearing it tonight, so stay tuned for it in the next post.

Start with a base of China Glaze “For Audrey”
Then hold your fingers so that your nails are in as straight a line as possible, and use China Glaze “Pool Party” to make the top of a rainbow across all four nails. “Pool Party” is a neon so I thought it worked well with the subdued blue of “For Audrey” to bring a nostalgic vibe.

Now use China Glaze “Lemon Fizz” to make another stripe underneath but overlapping half of the width of the nail polish brush.

Now a stripe of Love & Beauty purple, overlapping again.

Now finally, use a thin nail art striper in green over the bottom half of the purple.

I know, I know, this rainbow is so NOT ROYGBIV, but I only had the green in thin brush size so this non natural colour order will have to do.

Add some fluffy little clouds (Bob Ross voice), and a heart on the thumb. I promise it will all make sense when you see my costume, if you haven’t figured it out already!

Can you guess my costume?