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Bang Bang Shrimp

Belize does not have any, and I mean ANY, of the restaurants found in the States.  Not even McDonald’s.  Well, we had a Subway for a second there, but it fell through.  So if you have a craving for something, you have to try to make it yourself.  Thankfully, pinterest and google are full of “copycat” recipes.   Here is my version of Bang Bang Shrimp, a delicious appetizer from Bonefish Grill.


First, clean 1 pack of shrimp, and no, it does not come de-veined.  It comes with the shell, and that’s the only choice.  Well, the other choice is from the fisherman in a bucket with the head and feelers too.  This is the most time-consuming part of this recipe.  I recommend getting someone else to do this part, eg. husband, unsuspecting friend, anyone who wants Bang Bang shrimp.  You can either pull a Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence, “Wow these shrimp guts are so fun to cut out!”, or if that doesn’t work, you can always fall back on the Little Red Hen move “Who will help me clean these shrimp?”  anyone who replies “Not I”, no Bang Bang for them!


One hour later, because I insisted that the underneath vein also needs to be cut out (Eww):

Season with


Black Pepper

Garlic Powder


Worcestershire Sauce aka “lea an perrins”

I don’t measure the seasonings, just sprinkle it on, not too much.


Mix it all up in a container that has a tight fitting lid.


Then add a couple tablespoons of cornstarch, put on the cover, and shake it up to evenly coat.



Then leave it for a couple of minutes for the cornstarch to soak in, otherwise it will just float off in the oil.  In the meantime, make the sauce.


1/4 cup Mayonnaise

2 or 3 tbsp Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce depends how hot you want it.

1/4 tsp Rice Vinegar

1/4 tsp Sugar

Confession:  I got the Sriracha at Sam’s Club in Chetumal, I don’t know if they have it in Belize.


Mix it up, set aside.


Now back to the shrimp.  See, the cornstarch looks absorbed, not as powdery white as before.


Deep Fry in small batches.  I’m using my new Fry Daddy! 🙂


Drain on paper towels.


Then add the shrimp to the sauce, along with sliced green onions.


Stir it up.  Serve on a bed of hydroponically grown bibb lettuce (the regular lettuce tastes like dirt).


Now close your eyes and pretend you’re at Bonefish.  If only Corn Chowder with Lump Crab was the next course….*Sigh*